What helicopter parenting is and how it can damage your kid’s life?

How to avoid helicopter parenting?
Helicopter parenting refers to over parenting. Continual hovering over your child to ensure that they are the right decision, protecting them from any physical or emotional discomfort and saving them from facing the outcomes of their behavior. Overparenting usually results from a parent’s desire to manage their discomfort as they can’t accept watching their kid get hurt, fail, or make a mistake.
If you find yourself arguing with your kid over small things that means you may be preventing her/him from developing the independence that a child needs. Hypervigilance can have serious outcomes such as a child become overly dependent.
You don’t let your child make their own choices. If you cant let your child explore new opportunities like wearing clothes of their own choice or let them play a game of their own choice it’s likely that overparenting. You argue with others over your child. If you find yourself constantly arguing with coaches, school teachers about your child are being treated it may mean you are overprotective. Trying to manage how other people treat your child all the time is not healthy
you don’t give your child many responsibilities. If you don’t indulge your child in household chores or you don’t expect them to be independent they won’t learn life skills. It is extremely important to allow your child the freedom to be a human. Overprotective style can stop your child from having a rich and full childhood that will lead them to become a more responsible adult.
No parents want to see their child as a failure but as a parent what we need to do is to keep an eye on our children now and one eye on the adults we are trying to raise. This means letting your children struggle, helping them to work through failures. Letting your children explore their own world letting them discover their capabilities. Facilitate them to become an independent human being.

Author: Saba Naz ( psychologist and hypnotherapist)

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