Importance of bedtime stories for kids

Why bedtime stories are so important? Let’s discuss the benefits and importance of bedtime stories.

Bedtime stories help you to have quality and productive time with your children. When you spend time with children reading or telling them stories it creates a special bond between you and them. Reading stories to your children help them to grow their imaginations or by listening to the story their little brain receives so many ideas and they are able to predict what is going to happen next or come up with their own conclusions. There are so many benefits of reading bedtime stories that can go on for years. For example:

  • It enriches their language development.
  • It builds their vocabulary so they can become well-versed.
  • It encourages engagement and conversation
  • Last but most essentialit helps in the moral and social development of children

Content Produced by Saba Naz (Psychologist)


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